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Month: October 2019

What Is A Rooter?

No, it isn’t an overly enthusiastic fan at a football game. Sure, according to Urban Dictionary that’s what it is, but it’s also a very special tool used to fix plumbing issues. The term is also used to describe the type of service you’re about to have performed on your house’s pipes. Rooting can be small or large jobs, depending on where they happen as well as what’s causing the issue in the first place. Let’s get down to business and deep dive into the wonderful world of Rooters. What’s In A Name? A lot, actually. The term rooter...

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What’s Causing All Your Plumbing Issues?

If there’s one thing you can look forward to as a homeowner, it’s dealing with plumbing issues. Okay, you probably won’t look forward to these things with giddy anticipation, but they’re going to happen at some point. Often it feels like they appear out of nowhere, or just when you think everything is going well. Then all of a sudden there’s a leak in the basement or your water pressure has gone caput. While there is no helping some of the common plumbing issues, others can be delayed or even preempted. Follow along for a look at the most...

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When To Hire Your Plumber

In the land of home ownership – and thus home improvement – there are a myriad of repairs and upgrades to be made. You’ll be handling everything from decor to utility troubles. In the interest of saving a little money (something any homeowner can get behind) the tendency is to take on certain jobs yourself. This is all well and good when your skills are apt for the task at hand. But when the challenge before you requires a little more skill and knowledge, attempting to do something that isn’t in your wheelhouse is risky. Not only do you...

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